Drag N Drop Illustrator Software Review

I have just purchased this very easy to use software tool for creating ebook covers, kindle book covers, children book illustrations and other pictures you might want to use. It’s called drag n drop illustrator and it is easy to see why because it is that easy to use – you just drag and drop the images to create your picture or cover.

I’ve literally just bought it so haven’t had a chance to play with it fully but here is a quick look at how easy it is to use. My whole family will have fun with this! (it is currently on a special price – click here for details).

Drag n Drop Illustrator Video Review

So what do you think?

When I have had a chance to add the backgrounds and other images I’ll add another video here for you to see that as well. If you want to check it out then visit the site here.

Uploading Image Files To Drag n Drop Illustrator

You are given some free image packs to use with this software. First you download them to your computer then upload with to the software. This is good because it means I can use these vector images with other software I have!

Here is how you do this:

Merging And Converting PDF Images To PNG

I downloaded some vector images to use with this software and they were in PDF format. When I came to upload them to the software I couldn’t do it properly.

To convert the PDF images to PNG format I used these free tools:

To merge PDF files into one
PDF to PNG Converter

Here is how it works:

Uploading PDF Converted Images – Problem

When you upload the PDF converted files they do not convert with a transparent background. This is a real shame and I haven’t found a way around this yet.

UPDATE: I have found some great free software that solves this problem. Watch this video – how to remove the background from an image

This is the original issue I had:

8 Comments on “Drag N Drop Illustrator Software Review”

  1. Kay, I also have DND Illustrator but haven’t used it much yet. Is there a manual or help area with this software (that I can’t find)? I’m wondering how to upload some .png graphics I have but can’t figure out how to do it.

    1. Hi Suzanne

      Make sure that your .png graphics are zipped together first and then you can add them by clicking on the + icon and selecting import zipped file. You can’t import .png files any other way that I am aware of.


      1. Thanks, Kay. One more question, what size do you make illustrations to be used in children’s books? Whoops, 2 questions. How do you keep an illustration under Amazon’s recommended 127K size?


        1. Hi Suzanne

          I recommend any kindle book illustration to be no more than 600px wide – that usually fits nicely and takes up a good proportion of the screen without kindle doing any resizing.

          In terms of image file size – kindle will let you upload quite large images. You can upload up to 5MB according to the kindle publishing terms but you will be charged per MB when someone purchases it. One thing to note is that if your book is priced less than $2.99 then you don’t pay any costs for file size so a large book file doesn’t matter.

          If you need to make your image file size smaller then you could use this free compression software: http://sourceforge.net/projects/caesium/

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