How To Stop Youtube Automatically Updating Twitter Twice

A while ago I noticed that I had duplicate tweets going out one after the other from YouTube. It didn’t look good – in fact it ended up looking quite spammy! So I investigated to see what was going on and in doing so discovered that other people also had this problem.

This is how to remove duplicate posts about your YouTube activity.

YouTube Activity Update Duplication

I discovered the duplication after uploading about 6 videos to my YouTube account on one day. After uploading each video I checked the box to send a tweet to update my twitter account with the new video.

However, what I didn’t realize was that YouTube was tweeting about my video being uploaded and also, immediately afterwards tweeted the exact same tweet but this time mentioning that I had added it to my playlist.

Therefore I had 2 almost identical tweets one after the other – it was noticeable because twitter shows the video in the stream and so you can’t miss it!

By default YouTube seems to check the box to share your playlist activity automatically as you can see below:


I didn’t know this.

So where do you find this information so that you can change it?

Log into your YouTube account and click on the settings icon which you will find if you click on your profile photo. Once you click on the settigns icon you will see this:


Click on ‘connected accounts’ and you will then see the options to automatically update your activity to any accounts that you have connected with your YouTube account.

You need to uncheck the ‘Add video to public playlist’ box.

If any of the other boxes are checked then decide if you are happy for these actions to automatically get broadcast on your connected accounts.

Save your settings and that will stop any duplications happening in future!

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