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make money 24/7Well I have just come back from taking my daughter to school and I wanted to share with you the conversation we had in the car.

Usually she takes the bus to school but this week I’ve been taking her myself as she has been on crutches after hurting her heel badly during one of her gymnastics sessions last week.

Anyway while I was driving to school I was thinking out loud and I said (I had just alunched my first product on the warrior forum):

“I wonder if I have made any sales on my product overnight?”

” But won’t everyone be asleep?  Oh of course, it’s all over the world isn’t it!

“Yes, that’s the great thing about having an online business – you don’t have to wait until people are awake in your country. You can be making money 24/7 all over the world!”

It brought home to me just how fortunate we are for those of us who have chosen an Internet business in that we don’t have to wait for our customers to purchase our product while its 9 to 5 in our country.  That our customers can have visibility of our products 24 hours a day and they can purchase it 24 hours a day!

Just wanted to remind all of us of how lucky we are. And if you are wondering did I make any sales during the night? Yes I did!

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  1. Kay,

    Great post!

    Very true. All of us have the goal of waking up in the AM to see tons of sales and/or lines upon lines in our Paypal accounts.

    I know I do.

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