Christmas Season Spot the Difference Kindle Book

spot the difference christmasI have just published my first children’s kindle book in time for Christmas! Originally I was going to use the free Kindle Children’s Book Creator Software but I discovered a problem with it.

If you want a fixed layout book then the software is fine and I had thought this is what I needed for my spot the difference book.

However, having a fixed layout means that readers can’t increase the image size or zoom in at all. I feel that being able to zoom in and view the images in more detail is necessary with a book of this type.

Therefore I used open office to create the book instead!

Anyway, if you feel like having some fun yourself or have children who might enjoy this book then please download it – it will be on a free promotion from 13th-15th December.

As always any feedback would be gratefully received. 🙂

Spot the difference Christmas Scenes

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