Free Online Tool Call To Action Button Creator

button optimizer

Here is a very handy free online to0l that I have come across. It will enable you to create your own unique call to action buttons. It is very easy to use and you can either download your created button as a PNG image or as CSS code.

How To Find Your Purpose For Your Online Business

It is human nature to strive for that feeling of contentment. We all do this. We look for things that will satisfy this hunger – maybe sports, relationships, food, religion, having children, helping others, etc. What about our job or work? What about the one thing that we do each day more than anything else?

How Safe Is Your Website Infograph

I came across a great infograph that details the issues we face as webmasters. I have mentioned before when one of my own website got hacked and it is an awful feeling.

Great Free Online Tool For Automatically Manipulating Text

I have been looking for a tool that would be able to add words or numbers automatically to a list. The other day I came across one and since it has taken me so long to find one I’ve created a video showing you what this tool will do.

How To Stop Youtube Automatically Updating Twitter Twice

A while ago I noticed that I had duplicate tweets going out one after the other from YouTube. It didn’t look good – in fact it ended up looking quite spammy! So I investigated to see what was going on and in doing so discovered that other people also had this problem. This is how to remove duplicate posts about your YouTube activity.

Drag N Drop Illustrator Software Review

I have just purchased this very easy to use software tool for creating ebook covers, kindle book covers, children book illustrations and other pictures you might want to use. It’s called drag n drop illustrator and it is easy to see why because it is that easy to use – you just drag and drop the images to create your picture or cover.

Recent Hostgator Server Timing Out Issue

website upload

So yesterday I went to log into my site to write a blog post and I couldn’t! My site kept timing out. I tried just visiting my site and again it just timed out. So I checked some of my other websites and they were doing exactly the same thing.

The Personal Touch – Are You Actually Putting Your Customers Off?

cookie monster

I am a great believer in providing the personal touch when it comes to my subscribers and customers. I prefer to reply personally to emails rather than outsource it or use a support desk. Certainly this fits in with my business plan at the present time. I was therefore interested to read an article in the Telegraph titled “When businesses … Read More

How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

content ideas

Maintaining a blog or website that requires regular content can overtime become difficult. Coming up with new ideas is challenging! Here are some ideas for you to use to help your content creation.

How To Check Your Website Speed Using Free Tool

If your site is slow to load then your visitors could get fed up and not bother waiting! If the search engines notice your site is slow compared to others then it impacts you negatively. Google has a free tool you can use to detect problems.