Free Kindle Book Promotion – Developing Traffic Sources

testing traffic sources

My new kindle book “Website Traffic Generation: Testing and Developing Online Traffic Sources” is on a free promotion from: 8th Feb. to 12th February. This kindle book is about finding the right traffic sources for your personality and also how to test various sources to find the one that performs best. If you do download it then please leave a … Read More

How To Transfer Circles From Google Plus Accounts

google takeout

Do you have more than one gmail account? If so then you might find it frustrating that you end up with two google plus profiles and potentially a duplicate set of circles. Here’s how to transfer them.

Hostgator Hosting 25% Discount Code

Hostgator coupon code

I use Hostgator for hosting my websites and have done for many years now. I always recommend them. Why? Last week I needed to change one of my subscription details and therefore pressed on the live chat icon. As always they helped me out straight away and my issue was resolved without any hassle. It is the customer service that … Read More

How To Apply The 80-20 Rule To Your Online Business

80-20 rule

We all know about the 80-20 rule but do we really understand it? It’s easy to mention it and sound like you know what you are talking about but if you delve deeper I believe you will be amazed at the truth behind such a short statement.

The 3 Principles For Success

success tips

So what are these principles? I shall go through each one and relate them to an online information marketing business, although if you use these principles in any area of your life you will get results.

Get Aligned & Empowered For 2014!

empowered to succeed

As we draw near to the end of another year I am sure that like me, you are thinking of what you did or didn’t do this year that you had planned to! Here are some thoughts on getting empowered for 2014!

Are Your Habits Working For You Or Against You?

work habits

I have been reading a fascinating book about habits and how they are formed. Habits become entrenched in our subconscious and we end up doing many things automatically without even thinking about it. This can be bad for our business.

The Importance Of Using Systems In Your Business


If you don’t have a system in place then it is easy to feel that you have no direction. When working at home on your own you are the boss and therefore need to know the direction that you are going in. Having some form of system enables you to keep on track and follow the path that you need to, to get where you want to go. Here are some ideas of what systems you might need.

Check Out My FAQ Page


I wanted to update you and tell you about the new FAQ section that I have added to my site. You will see the link to it in the navigation bar.

Is Multitasking Harming Your Productivity?


I used to think that being able to multitask was a good thing and I used to take pride in my ability to do so! Not anymore! I was reading a book the other day that went into the reasons why multitasking is a bad thing!

Are You Suited To Working At Home?

working at home

The idea of being able to work at home appeals to many people. We often hear words such as freedom and balanced lifestyle associated with working at home and of course we all want that! However, are you really cut out for a life of working at home are being your own boss?

The Best Way To Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed

planning goals

So many people struggle with the feeling of overwhelm in terms of having so much to do to build their online business. When you work on your own you have to do everything and understand and learn how to carry out all the tasks to build your business. So how do you stop feeling overwhelmed by it all?

Googles latest Hummingbird Update Plus Free Report

hummingbird update

A while ago I wrote a blog post about what animal Google might choose for their next major update. Well I was wrong! They have moved away from the black and white fluffy animals to a bird! Find out about the latest update and download a free report.

Finding Your Voice: The 8th Habit

the 8th habit

I am reading a book at the moment and I wanted to share a little bit of it with you. The book is written by Stephen Covey and it’s called “The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness”.