What Motivates You A Stick Or A Carrot?


I was taking my daughter to gymnastics the other day and we go past a studio where there are people having an aerobics class. This particular day the instructor was shouting and bellowing at them and it made me think – does that really motivate people? Does shouting at people motivate them?

Are You Sinking Or Learning To Surf The Waves?

Well I have recently been on holiday and for the first time in ages the weather was warm enough in the UK to actually go into the sea! While body boarding I was reminded of something I once heard that is relevant to any online business.

How To Deal With Negative Feedback


Have you ever received an email or comment with negative feedback? When you run an online business it is bound to happen at some point – someone gives you a hard time. What do you do – how can you deal with it so that it doesn’t eat you up and get you down?

The Problem With Social Media

social media

Do you use social media for your online business? Have you started to use it for marketing purposes? Does it really work? Here are my thoughts.

5 Steps To Business Success

Kindle book promotion

I have decided to write down 5 steps that you really need to take in order to achieve long term success in your business. This is true for any niche or business that you might have.

Google Trends: Start An Online Business

google trends

I thought I would have a look at Google trends for the term “start an online business”. Are people still searching for help with this or is there a decline? I wanted to see proof that this is still an in demand topic online! One of my subscribers suggested to me that the internet marketing niche was just too difficult to get into and there was just too much competition.

GetResponse New Update – Autoresponder 2.0

GetResponse has today launched it’s new autoresponder 2.0 update! I recommend both GetResponse and Aweber as good reliable autoresponders but I use GetResponse. Therefore I heard about this launch a while ago because they emailed account holders with the details.  I was very impressed with what they were including in it. I opted for GetResponse originally because they offered a … Read More

Webinars: Do You Love Them or Hate Them?


I asked my list to see if they wanted me to do any webinars. I was hoping the answer would be no because I personally don’t like them!

Here is the email I sent to my list:

Make Sales 24/7 Online

make money 24/7

I have just come back from taking my daughter to school and I wanted to share with you the conversation we had in the car…..

Automatic Amazon Tweets – Free Report

automatic amazon tweets

In This FREE Report You’ll Learn To:

* Automate Amazon Product Posts to Your Blog!
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AND you can make money by giving the report away!

It happened – my site got hacked.

backup plugin

Well one of my sites (not this one) got hacked!

I didn’t think it would happen to me as I am very careful to use security plugins.

However, I was modifying some code and I had turned off my wordpress firewall plugin in order to do it….

Holidays Are Over – Now Its Down To Business!


The school holidays is now over and I can now focus on my product creation!

I did try to add some posts to send on a schedule but we have had real problems with our internet provider (TalkTalk)…..

Survey Results Are In!

engaging content

Here is the top 3 most wanted information that my visitors (YOU) want according to the survey poll I have had on my site.

I also have something that I hope will help us all…..

Check it out!