Increase Your Productivity With These Free Tools


One of the key things we have been learning is that in order to make effective progress we need to make a plan, keep focused and take action.

Here are some free tools that will help you to keep organised and on top of your plan!

Give Your Business a Boost – 4 Week Task Guide

4 week planner business boost

I have written my first help guide!

I have learnt some valuable lessons doing this that I want to share with you

There is no opt in so please feel free to download it, read it and give me your honest feedback.


Using Blog Spam to Add Valid Comments

When I was on the challenge forum the other day I saw that some people mentioned that they were getting a lot of spam comments on their blog.

I haven’t had that on this blog (yet) but it got me thinking and I remembered a video I had seen a while back about using these spam comments for your own advantage.

Week 4 – My Online Business Is Ready To Go

Online Marketing Mentor

Well it is now the end of the 4 week challenge – although in reality it it just the beginning!

Plenty has happened and it has definitely been a quick start to starting my online business.

Let me regress a little and tell you about my back class yesterday because I think it demonstrates exactly WHY you need a mentor or coach.

The Magic of Calpol


When your child is ill never fear – the joy of Calpol!

We had great fun while the medicine was working its magic and here are the pictures to prove it.

Hope you like them!

The Beginning of An Online Information Business

Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge

When I first started working from home I didn’t believe I would one day have my own business. At the time I probably didn’t even want one! Then as time goes by and people start asking you to help them with various things and want to pick your brains an idea pops into your head – “what if I started to charge for this help – others do..”