Tool To Help You Brand Yourself Online


I came across an online tool/service a while ago that promised to help you brand your online business. It is especially useful if you are branding your own name – personal branding.

Niche Ideas For An Information Marketing Business

Many people ask me what kind of niches work for an information business. In other words, what topics do people search for information about? Think about yourself, when you do a Google search what topics do you generally search for help on? What keyword phrases do you type into Google?

Do You Have A Dream?


I was reading a book about realising your dreams and it got me thinking. What is my dream and why? It is the ‘why’ bit that got me thinking. Have you ever given it proper thought about why you want to be successful online?

What is the best way to choose a profitable niche?

article marketing

To get started online you need to decide what niche you will go in to. That niche needs to a profitable one – one with plenty of buyers! In this article I shall show you 3 steps to choosing a niche that will make you money with information marketing.