Two Recent Customer Service Experiences – Good V Bad

customer service

Customer service plays a huge role in whether or not we will do business with someone again. Therefore when it comes to our own customer service we really do need to understand exactly what our customers want and need from us.

Email Is Best For Marketing According To SocialTwist Study

email marketing

I have always believed that using email for communicating with prospects and customers is the best means of ongoing marketing. My reason is that you are able to build a more personal relationship with email than using social media platforms. Well, it seems that this is now proven to be the case!

Are Your Emails Getting Caught In Spam Filters?

email spam filters

Are you sure that your emails are getting to your subscribers? Today there are so many automatic spam filters in place that you could find that your great email gets lost in the spam folder.

Tips For Creating A Successful Email Campaign

email campaign

When you write your email campaign you have to know what it is you are aiming for. What action you want your subscribers to take. It has been said that it takes on average 7 messages before someone takes action and makes a purchase. So how can you implement that in your email campaign?