Do You Believe Things Happen For A Reason?

why things happen

We are all different in the way we see things and how we respond to things. An event that happens to me might have a totally different outcome if it were to happen to you! I came across this thought provoking video and wanted to share it with you – whether you believe things happen for a reason or not I am sure you will take away something valuable from this video.

Imagine This – Is It Really Possible

When you think back to Henry Ford – he imagined the finished car and never gave up or at least he didn’t let his designers give up until they had achieved what at first had seemed something impossible. He believed he was right and didn’t give up until he proved it!

Step By Step To Business Success

Step by step success

I love this song by Whitney because it speaks to clearly about taking things slowly one step at a time. It is applicable in our personal lives as well as business lives.