Useful Amazon Links For Kindle Book Research

When researching for ideas for your kindle books I have found that trying to find certain links within Amazon is actually quite difficult! Therefore I have put together some useful links for you to use to make it much easier and quicker.

How to Convert a Kindle Book To Createspace Format

kindle to createspace

I have finally got around to publishing on Createspace for my own books. I’ve documented everything so that I have a blueprint to follow and of course I’ve made it available to everyone else too!

Marketing KDP Select Free Promotion Days

kindle book marketing

There is a lot you can do to market your kindle books when you have it on a free promotion – using the KDP select program. I’ve written a detailed book on what steps to take.

2015 Annual Author Earnings Report Released

author earnings report

I received an email today letting me know about the annual author earnings report. It is extremely interesting as usual. It seems that there has been a lot of scare mongering going on and even predictions that ebooks are just a fad!

Christmas Season Spot the Difference Kindle Book

spot the difference christmas

I have just published my first children’s kindle book in time for Christmas! A spot the difference activity book. Originally I was going to use the free Kindle Childrens Book Creator Software but I discovered a problem with it.

Websites To Promote Your Free Kindle Book Promotions

kindle book promotion

I have listed all the sites that you can use to promote your kindle book when you create a free promotion. Some of these sites allow you to promote paid kindle books as well but usually there is a fee involved.

Kindle Unlimited Is It Good For Publishers?

kindle icon

As a kindle publisher you may have received an email from Amazon informing you of the new kindle unlimited feature that they have rolled out and you might be wondering if this will be good or bad in the long run. Let’s take a look…

How To Use Google Plus Communities To Promote Your Kindle Books

There is plenty of information online about using twitter and Facebook for promoting kindle books but very little about Google Plus. So I started doing some research to see how I might be able to benefit using Google Plus as part of my free promotion strategy.

Get Extra Exposure For Your Kindle Book For Free

author marketing club

There are many sites online that are great for authors and enable us to market our books to a much wider audience. In particular sites that encourage you to announce any kindle book free promotion that you do.

Free Kindle Publishing Book Template

kindle template

If you are starting to publish kindle books then I have created a word template and an open office template for you to download for free. There is a video where I talk you through the template too.