How To Add Disqus Commenting To Your WordPress Site

I have decided to use the Disqus platform for people to comment on my blog. It is something that I have been considering for a while and I believe that it will be beneficial to both you and me in the long run.

How To Tweet Old Blog Posts Using A Free Plugin

revive old post plugin

I was looking to see if a plugin was available that would tweet older posts automatically – and I came across a great one – revive old posts (formally known as Tweet old post). Her’s how to set it up.

Hiding Your Download Pages

exclude pages plugin

If you have uploaded a pdf to your site and have a page with your download link on then you won’t want people to find that page!

Here is a plugin that allows you to control the visibility of your pages.

Adding a Bio box at the end of your posts

wp biographia settings

Dave asked me how I put my “About Kay Franklin” box at the end of my posts so I thought I would write a post to describe it in case anyone else is interested.

I shall have a go at adding screen shots so that hopefully it will be easy to understand to newbies.