Are You Getting The Right Message Across?

effective sales communication

I saw this very short video about effective communication the other day and as I watched it I assumed it was going to give a different message from the one it actually gave! Learn about effective communication for your business.

Increasing The Conversion Rate Of Your First Sale

increase conversions

If you have trouble making any sales then look at your very first product promotion. What are you offering? Is it relevant to the reason why someone signed up to your email list? If you get this wrong then your conversion rate will be lower than it could be.

Tips On How To Make People Want To Buy From You

engaging content

You may have a great product but unless people know about it then you won’t make any sales! However, just making people aware of what you offer is not the whole story. You also need to persuade someone that they need what you are offering. Here are some tips on how to encourage people to want to buy from you.

How To Promote In Emails When You Are Not Allowed To!

quesions about linking

Someone on my list asked me a question that I would like to answer and I hope that it will be of benefit to everyone!

Here is the question:

“Why is direct marketing not allowed by some companies and exactly why that is. Some say no direct linking through search campaigns. So what do you do when setting up a campaign to not go directly to their link?”