Help in Finding Traffic Sources

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Here are some ideas to help you find suitable traffic sources for your business. Go through these questions and at the end you should have a better idea on what to do next! 1. Who is your ideal prospect? What can you solve? In your niche what are the top 3 questions that people ask? e.g. how do I do … Read More

How to Get Traffic to Your Kindle Books

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I received an email from a subscriber recently asking me about traffic generation and in particular traffic to kindle books. I sent a reply and decided that I would turn it into a blog post as I’m sure there are others who would find this information helpful.

Facebook Marketing Tips From Guest Chiara Francica

Chiara Francica

I am pleased to have a guest on my blog today – Chiara Francica. When Chiara approached me about a potential blog post swap I was interested because I could see that she would be able to add value – in the form of Facebook Marketing tips. Read them here.

Why You Must Own Your Content Or Risk Everything

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The internet is forever changing. This is one of the great things about it but for information marketers it can be a constant concern. The question is “where should you put your content?”. If you used squidoo then…

How To Create A Twitter List

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Did you know that you can create lists in twitter to help organize your tweet stream? This is a very handy feature since it is difficult to keep track of tweets coming in as they quickly get buried underneath the growing number of new tweets. Let me take you through the process of creating your own lists.

Using Traffic Filters To Improve Your Effeciency

“It’s all about the traffic…” “You have to get loads of traffic…” “The more traffic you get the more sales you make…” “You just need more traffic…” Have you come across any of the above statements? I have! In fact I may have even said something similar myself without clarifying exactly what I meant – if so then I apologize. … Read More

Ideas On Where To Put Content Online

It is becoming more and more clear that content really is the best way to build massive exposure online. If you have content all over the internet then people will be able to find you in lots of different places. Here I discuss where you can put your content.

How To Get More Clicks On Your Resource Box

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Using content to drive traffic to your site or offer is still the number one best way to attract quality traffic. It might not be as popular as Facebook in terms of people promoting it but it’s still the best when it comes to the results. Just look at what the big successful companies do!

Are You Making The Most of RSS Feeds?


RSS stands for “really simple syndication” – and yet is doesn’t seem very simple to most of us! Are you making the most of your RSS or is it something you haven’t yet figured out how to use?

5 Steps On How To Use Blog Commenting For Generating Traffic


In this article I am going to give you five steps on how you can use blog commenting for generating targeted traffic to your own website. First of all let me explain that if you are going to use blog commenting for traffic purposes it is best if you own a blog yourself so that you can truly get involved and be part of the blogging community.

Who Are You When You Write?

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Have you ever written something and then a few days later you read it and you think “was that really me?”. Is your writing consistent? In this article I want to talk about the concept of being yourself when you write or add content to your website or someone else’s site.

Top information marketing sources of traffic for a newbie

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If you are just starting out with information marketing then you will at some point need to start driving traffic to your squeeze page.

One of the best sources of traffic that you can use as a new be is article marketing.

There are a few reasons why