How To Set Up A WWW Or Non WWW Website Address Preference

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We all know that duplicate content within the same website is bad for your rankings. However, did you know that both your and versions could be indexed and therefore look like duplicate content? This is what you can do to solve this problem.

How To Open WordPress Menu Links In New Window

menu links

Sometimes when setting up our wordpress navigation menu we want to link to an external page. So instead of linking to a category or page on the wordpress site itself, we want to link to another one of our sites or another place online that we have a big presence. This is how you can do this so that the page opens in a new window.

How To Set Up Paypal Website Payments

paypal payments

Creating a Business Account with paypal is free. When you first sign up for an account you will need to wait for a confirmation payment to be received into one of your offline bank accounts first to make sure you are a real person with a real bank account. Here is how to set up payments for your website.

How To Create A Favicon For WordPress

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You know how some websites have a little icon that appears in the browser window? It’s called a favicon. If you want to have your own favicon for your website then here are the instructions.

How to add an image using html

image html code

If you have ever wanted to add an image to your website using html then here is the code you need to use. This is something that I often want to know how to do when I am adding an image to my sidebar because widgets use html code.

Code to automatically update the copyright date in your footer

I was looking for this information the other day and it took me quite a few goes before I found the solution that worked so I have put it on my blog to help you so that you can have the correct code that works! The Problem If you use wrodpress then you will see that at the bottom there … Read More

Adding Breadcrumb Navigation to Your Site

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Adding breadcrumbs to your site helps your readers to navigate to other posts more easily.

I have found out how to do this by adding code to your theme template.

Here is the step by step process for you to do it for your own site.