Product Creation Quiz

product creation quiz

Could You Be Making More Money Than You Do Now?

> Is product creation something you have avoided?
> Do your visitors and subscribers perceive you as an expert?
> Do you lack confidence in your own ability?
> Are you banging your head against a wall desperately trying to make sales?

Then it might be time to STOP what you’re doing and become an EXPERT in your niche!

Take the short quiz below to find out if your online business could benefit from my simple but powerful product creation method.

1. Do you have knowledge or skills that other people would benefit from?
2. Do you think or find that product creation takes too long?
3. How many of your own products do you currently have?
4. Do you struggle to come up with new ideas for products?
5. Is there a lot of competition in your particular niche?
6. Do you find it difficult to get people to buy from you?
7. What is the price of any premium products you have?

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