Quiz: Got What It Takes To Have Your Own Business?

Use this short quiz to find out if you are really suited to owning your own information marketing online business. (Disclaimer: Please don’t take this test too seriously. It is provided to give you an idea only – have fun with it!)


->Do you tend to work hard if something interests you?   Yes/No

->Do you find it easy to come up with new ideas?   Yes/No

->Do you set yourself goals and enjoy achieving them?   Yes/No

->Do you implement what you learn?   Yes/No

->Do you have a supportive family for your venture?   Yes/No

->Will you put in the hours you need to in order to get something done?   Yes/No

->Are you good at explaining things you know about?   Yes/No

->Do you bounce back from failures?

->Can you take criticism and move on?

->Do you enjoy helping others achieve something?


If you answered ‘Yes’ to all of these questions then you have the makings of being someone who could own a successful online business.

There are of course many other factors that play a part such as choosing a profitable niche and targeting the right customers for your products, but you have the right kind of personality and mindset which will be a huge help!

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