Welcome and thank you for coming to visit my blog. I would like to take some time to share a little bit about myself so that you will know where I’m coming from! It might even sound familiar to your own circumstances.

First of all a quick summary:

  • I originally trained as a PhD Research Assistant and then Science Teacher.
  • Now I work at home, writing kindle books, producing training and coaching programs to help others build an information marketing business.
  • What motivates me?
  • My family and Christian faith… Ecclesiastes 3:11: God Makes All Things Beautiful In His Time.

OK, now for the journey…

My PhD was in the field of biochemistry and in particular how an enzyme works that controls our muscle contraction and relaxation. Sometime in the future we were hoping that this research might provide valuable information to help those suffering with Muscular Dystrophy.

During this time I met and married my husband who after graduating, was offered a very good job on the South Coast. We moved and it became clear that there was little prospects for me to continue in research so I made the decision to retrain and teach secondary science instead!

After a few years of teaching I went down with a bad case of glandular fever and if you’ve had this yourself you know that it keeps coming back! I battled with it for a few years, having to take time off frequently which as a teacher was so frustrating and not good for my pupils.

On one visit to my GP I was given some ‘unwelcome’ advice – “if you keep on teaching in a classroom environment you’ll never give your throat and glands a chance to recover. You’ve got to stop.” Not what I wanted to hear but I knew he was right.

I started working for a local company in the Marketing Department and was very happy there. However, in 2008 a major financial crisis came to light that meant that either to whole company went bankrupt or half of it was sold. I ended up being in the half that was bought out. The good news was that I still had a job….. BUT it meant having a new boss, a new job description, new terms of employment and a whole lot of hassle sorting out the change over – I was given that task!

We were understaffed and overworked and I was earning less than before as the new employer removed the commission structure from my contract. Having a daughter just starting school made things more difficult as I was made to feel guilty if I needed time off. Although I had an agreement that I could work from home during school holidays it was made clear to me that this was not something they were going to tolerate in the long term.

Over time this extra work and hassle started to take its toll on my health. I already suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and this stress from work made it flare up and I started losing a lot of weight. When I hit 6 and a half stone I knew something needed to be done. To cut a very long story short and after lots of tests to make sure it was just IBS (which it was) I made the decision to leave my job and begin working at home.

It was not an easy decision to make but when I look back I am really glad that I took that step! What a difference it has made to my health and quality of life!

To begin with I began looking for things that you could easily do to earn money online. There are in fact lots of things that will earn you a little bit of income and I started doing some of these – online surveys and mystery shopping were the first things I did.

I then learned how to create a website and how to earn commission from people visiting my website. This took a long time but I became the proud owner of a few product review websites. To keep me motivated I promised myself that once I had reached £500 in commissions I would give it away to a friend of mine who really needed a new oven. I was really chuffed when I was able to give her that  – despite her protests!

I loved being able to do that so I looked to see how I could begin earning more money – the truth was that I needed to start creating my own products. So I started researching about information marketing and got some coaching to really speed things up!

In 2012 I officially started my online business in information marketing and created 5 training products and a coaching program in just the first few months! All those years of research were really coming in handy! I was now able to teach others exactly what to do – and how to create high quality products really quickly and make 100% of the sale!

So let me encourage you – if I can do it, you can do it! 🙂

Kay Franklin

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