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Well, I am really pleased with my great new training series where I go through everything you must know – powerful, little known, techniques for really growing your list and getting much greater results at the same time.

I have started at the beginning, providing you with step by step instructions and walk you through the entire list building process, from the beginning, all the way through to the most advanced stategies.

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I have based this training on exactly what you wanted to know!

For a start this training is specifically for people in any niche!

There’s no fluff. Just the answers and clear guidance on what you need to know.

You’ll discover all types of effective tips for building your list with qualified subscribers.

You’ll also learn about creating products – products that your list really want to buy!

Yes, I have also created that in this training program because you asked for it!

Here’s some of what you’ll discover in my advanced list building series:

  • How to build your list – fast.
  • Use list building to generate massive publicity as well as traffic to your website and YOU – get noticed!
  • How to write a persuasive, informative squeeze page that gets you a high opt in rate.
  • Where to find good quality traffic that converts well – not all traffic is equal!
  • Use other people’s lists – people you know value their subscribers – to build your list.
  • Use other people’s products to build your list too! Nice!
  • A really easy and effective way to find out exactly what YOUR subscribers want to buy from YOU.
  • Step by step instructions on how to write your first email campagin.
  • How to create your own products – fast!
  • The truth about your backend – you must have this – without it, you will probably never get to a full time income.

And more….you’ll find out plenty more in my advanced list building series. 

What’s it worth?

If you paid someone do all of all this research for you and got them to put it together in one easy to follow training program it would cost you thousands of dollars.

I explain everything in clear, simple language. Which means it is really easy for you to listen to and also to understand.

A lot of online marketers would price these types of products at anywhere between $427 and $627 for the level of information I have included in these MP3s – which is everything you need to know on list building, with product creation thrown in!

You will be able to start at the beginning and as your business grows you can come back to my training and implement the more advanced list building techniques.

You’ll be able to create your very own products really quickly so that you can start promoting YOUR products to your list!

How would that feel?

At some point, I plan to include this training series to my own ‘product funnel’ at a higher price – anywhere between $227 and $427.

But since you are reading this today and therefore need this help today, I have decided that I would make this a special offer for you, only $127.

Yep! You did read that right…only $127 for my entire 10+ MP3 advanced listbuilding series! 10 MP3 recordings to listen to and a couple of great bonuses thrown in too!

Why make it so affordable?

Well, I really want as many people as possible to start getting results from their efforts. The more people I can help the better.

You see email marketing and therefore building a list, is proven to be the best way to generate profits in the long term – it’s what all the big companies use too.

So you either need to start immediately or you need to understand how to go about getting better results than you do right now.

It is a bargain for you.

I might raise the price from $127 to maybe $227 at some point – that’s still a bargain and affordable but if you want to save some money then take up my offer today.

If you do you’ll realise that $127 is nothing compared to what you will learn with my training program.

And of course, as always if for any reason you’re not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.

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It’s not just about list building it’s about making profits too!

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