A Lesson In Success From My 11 Year Old Daughter

visualizing success

visualizing successMy daughter is a gymnast and spends 11.5 hours a week training – she’s good! Here she is on the beam.

Unfortunately she has a problem with her knee – ‘jumpers knee’ it’s called – where the tendon becomes inflamed and very painful.

This means that she has been unable to train properly because she can’t run or put any impact on her knee.

So no more vaulting.

It has been a couple a months now and although improving with physio, she will probably not be able to get back to 100% for another few months yet.

I was chatting to her the other day and she said something that certainly helped me and I believe it will help you too!

Visualizing Your Success

We were chatting about the vault and wondering if she would still be able to hand spring over the 120cm vault seeing as she wouldn’t have done it for a long time. Her response?

I did it yesterday so I know I can.

How could you, you haven’t been allowed to do it?

I do it in my head everyday!


I was impressed – and proud!

Sports people do this a lot – they visualize themselves doing their sport again and again. In detail – every movement, every muscle, every step.

If they can do it in their mind then when they can do it for real it’s become a habit – they know exactly what to do to get where they want to go.

Because they know the end goal and exactly how to get there.

Isn’t this a lesson in success?

Business success?

How can you possibly know success in your business if you have no idea of what your successful business looks like? Or how to get there?

Without a blueprint you can’t possibly achieve success.

You can borrow someone else’s successful blueprint (like my own A.C.T.I.O.N Blueprint) – but in the end you have to make it your own. Follow someone who already has success and then modify it to fit in with your own style and personality.

business success

  • If you haven’t already got a copy of my strategy mind map then just sign up to receive my free ebook below and you’ll also get a copy of my A.C.T.I.O.N Blueprint.
  • What would your business look like if you were successful? How many products? Coaching? A blog? Services? How many customers? How much revenue? Write it down – visualize it.
  • How are you going to get there? What skills do you need? What actions do you need to take? Create your own blueprint – use mine to help you.
  • Remember that success is not instant – it takes months, years! But every step you take is another step closer to achieving your end goal – your own successful business.

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    1. Thanks Julie
      I think children can teach us an awful lot. It is incredible what goes on in their minds!
      We are all born with the gift to visualize yet, as adults we forget about it and no longer use it (or we use it destructively). Maybe it’s time to start reusing and exercising that gift for good.

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