Are You Focusing On The Wrong Things In Your Business?


focusEveryone struggles with focus. Time and time again I have subscribers tell me that they get so easily distracted and can’t seem to stay focused.

Well, if you are focusing on the wrong things then you will get distracted because you won’t be able to stay motivated if you aren’t getting results!

If you are getting results from your efforts then it is far easier to stay focused and if you are focused on building your business you won’t get distracted.

So how do you make sure you focus on the right things?

What To Focus On In Internet Marketing

There are 3 main things that you need to focus on:

1. Building relationships – awareness of your brand and values.

2. Creating products.

3. Increasing conversions.

Let’s look at each one individually.

Building relationships

If no one is aware of your business then you won’t see success.

If you aren’t building relationships with prospects then you will never develop the trust that you need to make any sales.

So what is relationship building?

It’s basically marketing. This can be in the form of generating traffic, preparing email campaigns, posting on Facebook, etc. Anywhere online that you communicate your message to people so that they can make a decision to sign up to your list  and ultimately to buy.

Creating products.

If you have nothing to offer your subscribers then you will not make sales. If you offer someone else’s product then you end up building their business not your own. Also you waste the opportunity you have created and the relationship that you have built.

Better to keep the customer for yourself and create your own product and offer it.

Increasing conversions.

If you don’t bother to test your conversions and know your numbers then you will waste time and effort again and again. One small tweak could double your conversion rate.

So those are the 3 things you need to focus on. But which ones?

action steps

  • Which of the 3 are you lacking in right now? Start with that.
  • Which of the 3 do you hate doing? Would it be better to outsource that task?
  • How much time are you really spending on your business while online? Keep a diary.
  • Do you believe in yourself and your business? If you don’t then this will come across in everything you do.
  • Set aside time every month to track your results. Create a spreadsheet to put them in.


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