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I have been using a really useful free service and want to share it with you. I found out about it a while ago but I wanted to use it a few times first before recommending it or not!

The service is called and for free you can have someone take a look at your site (or anyone else’s) and provide you with a 5 minute video of their opinion of your site.

website testing

There are specific questions that they have to answer on the video while using your site so it’s not random. Here are the types of questions:

  • What is your first impression of the site. What do you think it is for?
  • What is the first thing you would like to do on this website?
  • Describe your experience.
  • What stood out to you on this website?
  • What frustrated you?
  • Summary of your experience.

Obviously the type of feedback you obtain needs to be taken with a pinch of salt since it is a random person reviewing your site. They may or may not have an interest in your website niche and of course that could make a difference as to the feedback they provide.

However, there is plenty of valuable feedback.

Example of Things I Have Changed

You have probably noticed that over the last few months I have been tweaking my website a little! This is due to the feedback I have received using ‘Peek’.

To give you an idea here are some of the things I have changed:

I have now made my site responsive using a Responsive Theme

  • This is because one reviewer used a mobile device to review my website and the result was not good! You can request a desktop or mobile user for your test.

I have changed the size of my font and made it larger.

  • This is because someone mentioned that the font size was small and there needed to be more distinction between headings and text.

I changed the header and specified what I can help people with.

  • This is because one reviewer wasn’t sure exactly what ‘Kay Franklin’ could offer. They knew what the topic was but wanted something more specific.

I have changed my home page and made it less cluttered. Plus added a video.

  • This is because someone wanted some form of media to watch rather than have to read. Without a video my site looked ‘old’. Fair enough!

I have removed the Amazon widget and created my own to show off my kindle books.

  • This is because it was not always visible – some browsers don’t show javascript or people turn it off.

So I’ve taken on board these comments as they are more to do with design and functionality which is important.

You Can Obtain Targeted Feedback

There is an option to pay for reviews and you can then specify someone who would be from your target market. This would potentially give you more valuable feedback and perhaps enable you to obtain a subscriber too!

Using it For Researching Competitor Sites

The thing that I believe is of real value is using the free service to test sites owned by your competitor! 🙂 You’ll discover what people like and what they don’t!

By using the service for your own and your competitors sites you can build a up a picture of what internet users are really looking for in terms of their website experience. Over time you can provide the ultimate website experience by combining the best from all the reviews.

I’ll certainly carry on using it and will continue to tweak my site as I learn more! You are offered a new free ‘peek’ at regular intervals so it can be an ongoing process.

Have a go yourself:

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Kay. I have followed the link and am waiting excitedly for someone to review my website. Peek seems to be a brilliant service and it is a great thing to have someone look at my site from an independent perspective. Thank you for sharing this valuable tool Kay.

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