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7 sticky notes

7 sticky notesIf you use sticky notes and a PC then you will be interested in this free tool – 7 Sticky Notes. I have been testing it out and really like it.

Basically instead of having to stick paper sticky notes on your wall or wherever you stick them, you can pin sticky notes to your computer dashboard.

Windows 7 already has a sticky note feature (it’s called sticky notes) but every sticky note is the same colour so you can’t see at a quick glance priority notes.

With the 7 sticky note tool you can do a lot more. Here’s a quick break down of some of the features:

  • Organize your notes by category or group
  • Synchronize your notes so that you can share them online (if you wanted to)
  • Set up an alarm
  • You can attach a sticky note to a particular folder or file on your computer
  • Multiple colour options
  • You can attach pictures or images to them
  • You can hyperlink to a website
  • Drag and drop them around your screen
  • Lightweight (computer memory)
  • A notes manager is included where you can see statistics and can search for items

I think it is a great tool for getting organized and staying on top of scheduled tasks.

What I find it particularly helpful with is as something I can use that reminds me of tasks I need to do that would otherwise appear as a reminder in my email box.

For example, paying my affiliates their commissions. Instead of having to keep an eye on my email or going to JVZoo to keep checking how many days it is before I pay them, I can use sticky notes instead.

Email is such a time waster for me (and most other people too!) so if I can have one more reason why I don’t need to check my email then I am more productive!

I also like to use it as a quick way to update a ‘swipe’ file or ‘ideas’ file. Since you can link the sticky note to the correct file location it is far quicker and also tidier! Usually I have around 10 files open in case I want to add something to one of them. This slows my laptop down and I find that open office often gets ‘stuck’ and stops responding so it solves this problems for me as well.

If you think this might benefit you then check it out here – it is free to download and of course you are saving paper too which is a bonus.

7 Sticky Note Video Overview

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