Give Your Business a Boost – 4 Week Task Guide

4 week planner business boost

Well if you visited this post before you will see that I have changed it. I was so excited about producing my first “ebook” that I got carried away and went into what Jackie might call “testosterone mode”.

I thought I would use a big font with red and blue colors and try to sell my free ebook! I can only appologize to anyone who saw that and so I have removed it.

My first PERSONAL lesson – be yourself!

What was I doing? That is not my style at all so I’m sorry and I shall just be myself. 🙂

Maybe I’ll be able to create some amazing sales copy at some point but my blog is not the place for that. This blog is me and so I have to be true to myself and to you.

I asked for feedback on the warrior forum about my ebook and there are some things I have learnt. By the way don’t ask for feedback unless you are prepared to receive some harsh criticism – unless of course your product is perfect! lol

This is what I found out:

1. My ebook is not an ebook, it isn’t even a report it is a planning tool!

One person was really forthright in her comment saying that I didn’t give any details as to what you should do during the 4 weeks and she thought I had missed a whole lot out.

I couldn’t really understand her view until someone else left a really helpful comment. Basically don’t assume people know what you are offering. I had explained in the introduction of my ‘report’ that this was a WHAT to do daily task planner rather than a HOW to do planner. I wasn’t offering a detailed instructional manual. I should have made that clearer.

So I have not produced an ebook or even a report. Rather a daily planning tool.

2. My ecover does not create a good first impression.

I admit that it isn’t that great so fair comment there! It would be better to get someone on fiver to create something cool.

3. Even if you have a valid reason for blank spaces in your ‘report’ people don’t like it!

People don’t like blank spaces. I guess they feel that they aren’t getting value even if it is free. I would have thought the contents of a report mattered more than the length but this seems not to be the case. Therefore if you have bare spaces with no writing or graphics people subconsciously think you are trying to make your report look longer than it really is and therefore they have been deceived.

This is a point to take notice of. For me I like things to be easy to read and layed out in a sensible style especially if you need to print out some of the material. However I have had to change my mind about that a bit.

I have come to a compromise in this daily planning tool – removed some spaces but still kept it so that it is easy to print out the task sheets on A4 paper without things going over to the next page. 🙂

So let me start again and announce my first free help guide!

Basically it is a break down of what I have done during these 4 weeks of being on the challenge. There are some extras things that I did that have helped increase traffic and increase my websites value in the eyes of the search engines too. I have written it so that you can print the weeks planning sheets out and allocate your time to each task and then tick it off as you go along.

Please click the image to download it and tell me what you think remembering that it is not an instructional manual but rather a helpful 4 week plan to give people guidance on how to go about building an online business quickly and also for those who have lost their way a bit and need to be brought back into focus.

There is no opt in in case you were wondering.

4 week planner business boost

6 Comments on “Give Your Business a Boost – 4 Week Task Guide”

  1. Hi again Kay,

    Great book, I’m going to put this in a safe place and go through it step by step. I think this is just what I need to help me go forwards.

    I have such a lot to learn as I have never been on facebook, twitter and co.


    1. Thank you Rose. I really appreciate your positive comment. I felt quite knocked down by a couple of comments on the warrior forum. Had to pick myself back up again!

      1. Sorry to hear that Kay.

        I’ve had time to read through it now and I’m going to start implementing some of the steps, even if they are baby steps.

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