Googles latest Hummingbird Update Plus Free Report

hummingbird update

A while ago I wrote a blog post about what animal Google might choose for their next major update. You can read it here.
Well I was wrong! They have moved away from the black and white fluffy animals to a bird!

The Hummingbird update

This is probably the biggest update so far in terms of the number of searches it will affect.

Google describes at as “being a new search engine that is built on both existing and new parts”.

It includes measures to cope with the newer forms of search such as a voice search where you actually ask Google a questions rather than typing in the keyword or phrase into the search box.

So what does it actually mean when you type or speak your search into this new engine?

Google is trying to match the overall meaning of the search phrase rather than looking at the words themselves. This is great news!

It means that those who have been obsessed with making sure their content contains specific keywords could be affected negatively.

It means that those of use who write original content based on experience and thoughts will benefit because that type of writing which is more natural contains words that provide an overall message with meaning.

My thoughts are that this will be great for information sites. When someone is looking for information rather than a product for example. Often when you do a search you get a whole lot of retail sites showing  up even when you are not looking for a product to buy but want information about it.

There is already some evidence that backs this up.

The following is taken from the Guardian newspaper article

“a search for “acid reflux prescription” pre-Hummingbird produced sites with lists of drugs, but now brings up search results with more information about acid reflux treatment in general.”

Google rolled out this update without officially announcing it so it has been difficult for SEO analysts to get to grips with what’s going on.

It just goes to prove once again that you need to write original content in a natural way. If you have been using Google analytics then you will have noticed that over the past couple of years many of your search engine visits have “not provided” when you look for the search keyword.

Google has moved to a secure search engine – encrypted searches using HTTPS. This means no more keyword data is being passed on to site owners.

It seems that Google is desperately trying to make keyword matching a thing of the past.

More than ever writing themed content is the way to go. You can download a great free report about why themed content works so well – Authority Sets. This report is a few years old but continues to demonstrate that the only way to forget about Google updates and constantly battle with SEO it is write original themed content.

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