How To Transfer Circles From Google Plus Accounts

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Google Plus is being removed as of April 2019. It seems that there wasn’t the demand for it so Google is deleting it!  It was good while it lasted!

Do you have more than one gmail account? If so then you might find it frustrating that you end up with two google plus profiles and potentially a duplicate set of circles. As yet there is no way to connect two google accounts to the same profile but you can transfer data from one gmail account to another.

This means that you can transfer your circles from one account to another which is very useful.

Transfers have a seven-day waiting period, take 2-3 days to complete and can only be done once every 6 months. During the transfer, you will have limited Google+ functionality.

During the 7 day waiting period you can cancel the transfer if you want to.

How To Use Google Takeout To Transfer Circles

1. Sign in to the account that you want to move your circles from – this is called your source account.

2. Now go to Google Takeout – this is the tool that you need to use in order to achieve this transfer.

google takeout3. Click “create an archive” and choose the icon by your circles as shown below:

google transfer4. Now you need to add the gmail address of where you want your circles to be transferred to – your destination account.

google transfer5. Sign in to your destination gmail account and you will need to confirm that you want the transfer to go ahead. Once you have confirmed you will see a screen retailing your transfer details and how to cancel the transfer if you change your mind within 7 days.

6. You’ll get an email sent to both your source & destination gmail accounts confirming the transfer.

Your source account google plus profile will still exist – you can’t merge profiles although there are many people wanting Google to implement this facility so it might be possible sometime in the future!

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