How to Use Audacity With An external Microphone

For a while I was trying to use an external microphone with audacity and getting nowhere. I have recently purchased a new USB microphone and it is working fine. Yeah!

Therefore I decided to create a video to show you how to connect an external microphone so that you can use it to record your voice via audacity.

Update: I decided to return this microphone as the quality was not good enough for Udemy! I thought it was good but compared to the Blue Snowball ICE which is the one I purchased instead, I can now hear the difference.

This also comes with a little (but solid and heavy) stand so that means I don’t have to hold it while recording which is especially good when it comes to recording screen captures like the one below. In this video I’ll show you what you need to do to check that the external microphone is enabled and then the menu tab you need to alter within audacity.

Please note that the video shows the old microphone but the process is the same.


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