I Am NOT That Kay Franklin!

Well I was looking at my google analytics today to see where my traffic was coming from and I had a look at my search engine traffic. Imagine my shock when I see that I had a visitor for typing in “kay franklin pushy dishonest”.

Therefore I did a google search for this phrase and this is what I found!

It would appear that someone called Kay Franklin wanted to give her daughter breast implants as a 16th birthday present!

Well that is NOT me!

My daughter is only 9 for a start – and the thought of any mum doing this feels me with horror! It is wrong if you ask me and I’m glad this person got the sack!

So hopefully if anyone else types that into google they will find this page and know they have the wrong person!

Now be honest 🙂 Did any of you type this in thinking it might be me…….? lol

12 Comments on “I Am NOT That Kay Franklin!”

  1. Ha!
    I remember when I first bought the .com and .co.uk for my name, then didn’t renew the .co.uk
    I wish I had sometimes, as it was snapped by a Gordon Bryan who is a photographer – thankfully I post so much a googling of me shows mostly my results!


  2. I’m glad that’s not you as well, Kay! I can’t believe there are people like that who not only allow their kids to have that kind of thing done to them but even encourage them to have it done. Shocking.

    By the way, Kay, I’m amazed at how much your blog has come along in such a short time – well done.

    All the best,

  3. Hi Kay

    No, I can’t think that anyone who knows you could possibly believe that you would even consider doing such a thing!

    And it is amazing what some parents will do to their children – no wonder some of them (the children) grow up in the way they do.

  4. Hi Key,

    Sorry to hear there is a “Bad Kay” somewhere 🙁

    I think every one should monitor their name in Google. I have a Google alert for my name since… I think since I ever heard about Google alerts. I set it up to deliver all results for my name as they happen directly to my email address. This way I know what Google finds related to my name.

    As for what Google displays for my name, I used this website: brandyourself.com. It’s purpose is to manage your online reputation buy giving you simple personal branding tips.

    When I begun to use it about a few weeks ago I didn’t have any negative results displayed for my name in Google (no Sorina Dascalu did evil), so my goal was to have all 10 top results about me. I’m using the free plan and I’m still working on my goal, I can’t say this tool is magnificent, but I can’t say either that it’s not working.

    You can try it for yourself, you will be given very simple on-page optimization tips for your profiles that I hope will help you push down in rankings the “Bad Kay”

  5. Hi Kay,

    That is some story! What a crazy woman to announce to the world that she wants to give her daughter breast implants. What has the world come to.



  6. Hi Kay,

    I’ll definitely know it’s NOT you!!!

    Sometimes we don’t need to really know a person very long to know their characters.

    We can listen to their words, their face, their body language (thanks to video) and we could know whether we’d like them to be in our circle of friends or not.

    Kay… I’m really happy that you’re now in my circle of friends 🙂

    BTW, I keyed in Kay Franklin on google box, saw “kay franklin model” and checked it out in case maybe you’re a model when you’re young… hehehehe


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