Is Google Docs Voice to Text Function Any Good?

Did you know that Google has a free voice to text function within Google Documents? If not then check it out!

I have always used the Dragon Voice to Text Software but I appreciate that it might be a little too expensive for some especially if you don’t know how well you will get on with it. Some people love it while others would, in the end, prefer to just type!

So I thought I would review Googles free tool so that you can see for yourself how good or bad it is! I have no idea yet as this is the first time I’m using it so you’ll see exactly what happens!

Watch the video below as I check it out for the first time…

What You Need For It To Work

  • A microphone (laptop or external)
  • Chrome browser
  • Signed into your gmail account

I apologize in advance for the awful American accent I attempted!! 🙂

I am really impressed with the speed of this tool. Dare I say.. it is better than Dragon Software! 🙂

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