Is Multitasking Harming Your Productivity?


I used to think that being able to multitask was a good thing and I used to take pride in my ability to do so! Not anymore!
I was reading a book the other day that went into the reasons why multitasking is a bad thing! Take a look at the funny video at the end of this post!

No One Can Multitask Without A Downside

It seems our brains were not designed to multitask! It becomes much more apparent to us when we try to do something new for the first time or are doing complicated tasks. In order to really concentrate and get the thing done we have to give it our undivided attention. 100% of our focus.

However, with other things such as washing up or walking along the road we are able to have a conversation at the some time or listen to music or conjure up a shopping list in our minds, etc. It seems we are able to multitask. However, think about this scenario for a moment!

You are walking along the road and your mobile rings. You answer it and start chatting to a friend. You are able to walk and chat at the same time.

However, during the conversation your friend asks you for directions to a particular shop. I give this example because it is what happened to me and at this point in the conversation I stopped walking!

It wasn’t until later on that I realised what had happened. I needed to concentrate on the directions that I was giving to my friend and I naturally stopped what I was doing (walking) so that I could give 100% of my attention to directing my friend where she needed to go.

It was at that moment that it dawned on me that multitasking is not necessarily a good thing – not when it comes to doing a task that is important to me or needs to be done efficiently. My mind went to my online business at this point!

Am I making efficient use of my time and efforts if I am working on more than one particular task? I don’t mean doing two things at once but rather working on more than one project at a time!

Suppose I am working on creating two different products. I might think that I am getting a lot accomplished by working on two different products during the same week but am I really being most effective by doing this?

I might physically be creating one product at a time but since I have the other product in my thoughts I am not 100% focused on either of the products!

If I focused on just one thing until completed I would in fact take less time overall.

Focus On One Thing

When working online there are many distractions, we all know it! However, unintentionally we can end up distracting ourselves by focusing on too many things or tasks at one time.

The best solution is to focus on one task, complete it and then move on to the next.

One product, one email campaign, one source of traffic, etc. If we juggle too many things then our brains do not function at their best. In the end it takes longer to see results.

Funny Video Of Multitasking Disaster

Here is a funny video of someone multitasking. They are sending a text on their mobile while walking along! Let it be a lesson to us all!

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