My First Udemy Course is Now Live

Udemy Course

As some of you know, I decided to sign up for the Black Friday Challenge that Udemy had running. In case you aren’t familiar with Udemy, it is an online learning centre. It provides all sorts of courses and in particular video courses for those who want to learn from the comfort of their own home.

(See below for special discount code)

If you are a teacher or trainer it is a great place to offer your courses because it has become one of the leading online learning sites available. That means lots of visibility and free marketing – a bit like having your books on Amazon.

Why Not Offer My Course On My Own Website?

You might well be wondering why I don’t just carry on doing what I have in the past and offer the course on my own site! Well, to be honest that was my original intention but this particular course was going to involve uploading a lot of videos (over 50) to my site and I wasn’t sure if I had enough data left on my current hosting package or if I would need to host the videos elsewhere or upgrade my hosting account.

I decided to do some research into the costs of using a video hosting company like Amazon S3 and Vimeo. While looking into this I received an email from Udemy mentioning the Black Friday Challenge!

That got me thinking!! 🙂

Why not ‘use’ Udemy to host my videos! Of course they take a cut (50%) if they have done the marketing and only 5% if someone purchases the course through my own efforts.

I decided to go for it – besides, I love learning something new and once I’ve learned the process I’ll be able to help anyone else who might be interested in putting a course on Udemy.

Was It Easy?

Well, it does take a lot of effort to finally get your course accepted but the support available in the Facebook group is brilliant. You are given guidance from start to finish via Udemy’s own courses – these are all free to help you understand the system and get things right as quickly as possible.

The biggest problem I had was to do with my microphone. In the end I upgraded my mic and actually recorded the audio separately from the videos. This enabled me to use another room for recording (one with a carpet) and a makeshift sound proof area made from our outdoor swing seat cushions! lol!

It worked though! I’ve just ordered some sound proofing foam from ebay to make my own little sound proof box for next time and for when I start recording my audio books.

Self Publishing a Paperback with Images Using Createspace

So a little about the course. It is based on my book “So You’ve Got a Kindle Book but What about Createspace?

It is approximately 5 hours in total with over 50 videos. I’ve kept each one short so that each video covers one specific part of the process and therefore you can pinpoint the one you need when that part is relevant.

If you are interested in this course then I have a discount code for you to use which will take 90% off the price – the price will be just $10.

Here it is: KAYSPECIAL

That’s original isn’t it! 🙂

I suspect Udemy will offer the course for a discount during the Black Friday period but I doubt it will be as big a discount as mine. You can always wait and see though! However, I am limiting the number of discount codes issued so when they’re gone – they’re gone!

To check out the course visit:

Creating Paperbacks Using Createspace

If you have any specific questions about the Udemy process then ask away!

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