Paypal Not Redirecting After Customer Purchase: Solved

paypal variable code

Have you experienced this?

Someone buys something from you and they pay by paypal but don’t get redirected to your download page?

Or perhaps you have purchased something from someone and you don’t get redirected to the download page?

The thing is that even if you have set up your payment process to redirect to a specific download page after purchase, paypal will not do this IF the person buying does not have a paypal account.

By default they direct people to a page that offers them to sign up and create a paypal account. This is paypal marketing themselves!

However, there is a little bit of text that reminds the purchaser that they should click on a link to go to their download page – but it is so small and insignificant that most people don’t notice it!

paypal redirectSo what can you do about it?

Well there is a space for adding special code when you create your paypal button and it is here that you can add some text and help make that clickable link more noticable.

Using Advanced Variables

  • Go into your merchant account and go to one of your saved buttons or you can create a new one.
  • Go to step 3: Customise advanced features (optional)
  • paypal redirectScroll to the bottom of the page to the Advanced variables
  • paypal redirectAdd the following code:
  • cbt=CLICK HERE to Finish Your Order (required)
  • It is the cbt= which is the code that creates an orange box
  • Inside the orange box you will see whatever text you wrote after the =

paypal variable codeThis makes it much more visible to your customer that they need to click on the link.

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