PDF Kit Free Tool For Converting Documents

PDF tools

I came across a very handy tool for converting documents to various formats that you might like to know about (if you don’t already!).

PDF toolskitpdf.com has lots of free tools that enable you to convert your documents to various formats that are suitable for publishing.

Browse to upload your document and then download the new format when it is complete.

Here are the conversions that you can obtain:

  • Webpage to PDF
  • PDF to text (.txt)
  • PDF to .mobi file
  • PDF to .epub file
  • .epub to .mobi file

Handy for kindle books and other self publishing sites.

I haven’t used all of the tools because I have the Ultimate eBook Software that enables me to do that anyway but I did have a play with the website to PDF converter which was fun! Of course it can’t cope with videos or navigation headers but for a website page full of text it does a pretty good job.

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