The Best Way To Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed

planning goals

So many people struggle with the feeling of overwhelm in terms of having so much to do to build their online business. When you work on your own you have to do everything and understand and learn how to carry out all the tasks to build your business. This includes:

  • Product creationplanning goals
  • Email campaigns
  • Writing content
  • Testing results
  • Coaching
  • Processing payments
  • Keeping records

The list could go on and on!

Some things we enjoy doing while other things we hate! Sometimes it can get too much and we just don’t know where to turn and what to do next.

The one thing that stops me from feeling overwhelmed is having a plan of action. But one that doesn’t focus too far into the future or that can make things worse! If you have huge goals for example, and you don’t break them down into little steps then you can feel like the goal is just too big and you could never achieve it.

Let’s look at an example:

1 Year Goal

  • Having 1200 pieces of content written online
  • Having 120 automated emails
  • Having 5 products
  • Having one coaching program

You might look at that and think ‘wow how on earth could I achieve all of that in one year?’

If you break it down into steps that you can work away at then over time you can easily achieve that goal in a year.

So let’s break that goal down a bit.

6 Month Goal

  • Having 600 pieces of content online
  • Having 60 automated emails
  • Having 2 products
  • Having 1 coaching program

You need to break it down even further. In fact I like to break down my goals so that I know exactly what I need to be working on each week to achieve that long term goal. So let’s break the 6 month goal into a monthly goal.

Monthly Goal

  • Having 100 pieces of content online
  • Having 10 automated emails
  • Having 0.5 product (so the outline is done and all that is left is for you to record it or you need to prepare the outline)

Weekly Goal

  • Having 25 pieces of content online
  • Having 2 or 3 automated emails
  • Working on product or coaching

Weekly Tasks

  • Write 5 pieces of content online per day
  • Write 2 or 3 emails
  • Create part of product/coaching program

So how does that look now? Do you think you could manage to do those things each week? It doesn’t look so overwhelming anymore does it?

You see a business doesn’t just happen over night! You have to work at it and gradually build up your business over time. That is what happens with all businesses not just those online.

You see often the day to day activities and running of your business can get in the way to you achieving specific goals. Since you are busy and working actively on your business you can think that you are in fact building your business. However, running your business and building or growing it are 2 different things.

You need goals that you can focus on and work on weekly so that you know your business is growing too.

setting goals




  • Decide how you want your business to look like in a year.
  • Now break those goals down into smaller and smaller chunks until you know exactly what to do each week in order to fulfill that goal. Do exactly the same as I have in the example above.
  • Now just do it!

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