The Magic of Calpol


Well my daughter has just got over a viral throat infection. She had everything really. A sore throat, cough, vomiting and then a rash! These viruses are very strange!

Well as any parent knows giving your children calpol (childs pain relief medicine) makes them feel so much better!

So while she was feeling better we did something really fun. Painted some olympic things on her bedroom wall! Yes it sounds a bit drastic and certainly my parents would never have let me do this – I always wanted to paint a rainbow on my wall but had to be satisfied with a rainbow poster instead!

As you know she is really into gymnastics and therefore very excited about London 2012 and watching the GB gymnastics team. Unfortunately we couldn’t get any tickets so will be watching and recording it at home!

Anyway she really wanted to do something to remember the olympics being held in the UK so this is what we did.


She did this one below totally on her own!
London 2012 logo

They’re great aren’t they. She wanted me to take these pictures and put them on my website – she seems to think that since she left a comment on here she is now part of the story!

Of course she is! She is back at school today!

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  1. Hey Kay,

    I think those look fantastic and it’s funny because my parents never allowed us to have any kind of paintings directly on the walls.

    Now that they are a big older, the whole house is painted in decorations and weird patterns lol

    Hope that your girl recovers soon and looking forward to the London Olympics as well although I’ll be watching the football matches. 😉

    Take care Kay,


    PS. Last year I had the opportunity to visit the UK for the first time, what an amazing place. I spent some days in Brighton and then some more in London. I’d have LOVED to be able to go north as well but I didn’t have enough time, a shame but definitely looking forward to visit again.

    1. Sounds like your parents have been having fun!

      Ah football is the one thing I wont be watching. lol

      I live in the South West of UK and I have to say I have rarely ventured up North myself! However the scenery is great the further up you go – but also colder and more rainy…… 🙂

      For me London is the last place I like to go! Too many people, too busy and not at all relaxing!

      I love the countryside best.

  2. Key, I hope your daughter feels much better now. I have no kids yet, but I can’t even imagine what a mother must feel when her kid is sick…

    Olympics! Oh yeah! Can’t wait for it! I’ll watch as much as I can, my favorites are Table Tennis, Gymnastics (Romanian girls will definitely win some gold!) Athletics and Football.

    In what disciplines do you think your country will win the gold? From what I remember swimming is among of your best disciplines, am I correct?

    1. Yes Romania has good gymnasts!

      I think we should do well in cycling, boating and swimming too. As we are hosting it, it would be nice to do well in a few events!

      Not long to go now 🙂

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