The Time To Start Is Now!


procrastinationWhy do we so often procrastinate? Perhaps we want everything to be perfect first or maybe we don’t have confidence or belief in our ability? I’m sure there are a multitude of reasons – ‘valid’ reasons as to why we put things off!

However, at the end of the day it’s procrastination! Finding excuses for not going ahead with something.

As some of you know, one of the reasons that got me started writing Kindle Books was because I wanted to be able to help my father-in-law publish some of his work. He has longed to become a published author but the cost of doing so was just too great. He is now well over 80 and without help was unlikely to ever see a book with his name on.

Digital books don’t really mean that much to him and so I wanted to publish a physical book that he could see and hold! It hasn’t been easy. During the process he was diagnosed with dementia and so the pressure was on to get this book done as soon as possible. There was no time for procrastination – it had to get finished and fast.

It’s amazing what one can achieve when you have a real sense of purpose behind your actions. I’m thrilled that he now has that book in his possession and before the dementia has taken hold. However, the project is still on going! He wants to be able to produce an audio version for those who are blind and unable to read his book.

I could think of quite a few reasons why we shouldn’t do this but have I wasted time on them? No. The time to start is NOW! Every time my in-laws come around we record a few more pages – little by little. We may not make it to the end of the book (I pray we will) but it doesn’t matter. We’ve started and we’re making progress slowly and that is what matters.

Last month we celebrated my father-in-laws 85th birthday – as the months go by we are slowly losing him to the grips of dementia but what a legacy we have. Not just a published book but now recordings of his message in his own unique voice to hand down the generations and to inspire others.

Are you procrastinating today? What impact would it have on those around and yourself if you were to get things going and start right now!

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