Tips to Improve Your Productivity Infograph

productivity infograph

The new year is a good time to start better habits and of course stop those bad habits! When it comes to productivity and getting things done more effectively, then you’ll find some great tips in the infograph below. There are tips for increasing your general productivity levels throughout the day too.

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How to Increase Productivity

Via Salesforce

What I personally find helpful:

  • Have a calm waking up routine
  • Don’t open email straight away – set a time block for that purpose
  • Take regular breaks that include a bit of exercise and stretching (or to massage your poorly feet…)
  • Use a dedicated space/room for working
  • Keep the room temperature comfortable
  • Do one thing at a time and start with the one you like least (that’s usually the most important one!)
  • Keep your bedroom as a peaceful sanctuary

If you need some extra help then check out my Action Productivity Video Course which will reveal the best ways that you can become more efficient based on your own unique personality traits.

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