Turn Off Those Distractions With This Free Tool

remove distractions

Getting distracted while working online is extremely common – we all do it! Keeping tabs open in case an important email comes through or someone replies to your Facebook PM!

Well, I’ve come across a free tool that enables you to focus without the distractions! It forces you to stay focused!!

remove distractions

At the moment, it only runs on a PC not Mac.

The way it works is by putting a temporary block on websites you specify so that you can’t open them or use them until the time period has come to an end.

So if you wanted to really focus on writing a part of your book for 30 minutes you could turn this blocker on and have to focus!

I’ve spent a bit of time playing around with it and there are a couple of things to note:

  • It doesn’t seem to work in Firefox (at least not with the current version 42.0)
  • It works well in Google Chrome but you need to remove your cookies beforehand or the block might not take effect.

Apart from that, it worked well. When the block is active you can visit the blocked website URL but all you see is a blank screen!

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