Using Blog Spam to Add Valid Comments

When I was on the challenge forum the other day I saw that some people mentioned that they were getting a lot of spam comments on their blog. I haven’t had that on this blog (yet) but it got me thinking and I remembered a video I had seen a while back about using these spam comments for your own advantage.

Its an interesting idea and if used the right way will increase the number of comments on your blog.

Remember – you own your blog. You have the right to remove peoples links if you so wish.

Using Blog Spam the Right Way

Let me know what you think about this. Do you think it is something that you might try yourself?

8 Comments on “Using Blog Spam to Add Valid Comments”

  1. Hi Kay,

    What a great idea -I’ve gotten a few spam comments on new blog and there are always some on any new site we put up, and always just assumed they were auto-created and hit delete, but this is ingenious – thanks for sharing how to turn an irritation into an advantage!


    1. I’m glad you like it Jackie. I thought it was quite cool to get your own back on spammers!

      Of course a lot of spam you can’t use as it is rubbish but there are some that add value to your site.

  2. Interesting Video Kay, I didn’t know that you could get rid of the links. It is something that I will look into as I’ve loads of spam comments.


  3. Kay, there is also a plugin, WP Comment Cash, that will turn spam into decent comments. I don’t use it on my site because I don’t get that many comments yet and it is manageable. The way he described it in the video, his method is way too labor-intensive for me. Thanks for the post.

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