What Do You Enjoy Most About Working Online?

working online

For awhile I have included a survey with a few questions that people answer when they sign up to my email list. If you are on my list then you may remember.

Every now and then I change the questions I ask.

I was analyzing the responses of a particular question the other day and I thought I would share the results with you because I think they are interesting.

The questions was ” What do you enjoy most about working online?”

Here are the results in a pie chart. I used a site called https://www.meta-chart.com if you ever want to create one yourself – it’s a free online tool.

working onlineAs you can see the most popular reason by far is freedom – I clumped quite a few of these reasons together under this heading – these included things such as:

  • freedom of time
  • flexibility
  • being my own boss
  • freedom of where to work

I expected to see this because it is definitely one of THE reasons why most people want to work online. Having that flexibility is certainly something that has been extremely valuable to me recently, due to my own personal circumstances at the moment with illness in my wider family.

However, one of the other reasons why I love working online at home is because I am able to help people that I wouldn’t otherwise ever meet. Helping others – it’s the blue segment in the pie chart.

Only 5% of people mentioned this.

Perhaps if I had asked people the 3 things that they enjoyed most about working online I might have had more people mentioning helping others – I don’t know.

I firmly believe that knowing I am helping others actually increases the enjoyment I have in my work and also helps me to stay motivated. It also provides me with a bit of accountability too – I don’t want to let anyone down!

Don’t you get a buzz out of helping others? I’m sure you do.

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