What to do for Paypal Upgrade to Switch off SSL 3.0

paypal upgrade

If you use Paypal for your online business transactions then you should have heard about an upgrade happening this December. The upgrade is to make payment transactions more secure so it’s a good thing!

I use a website store plugin called WP estore and I was wondering if I needed to do something to ensure all payment processes would continue running smoothly.

If you use any e-commerce payment processing system (e.g. ZenCart, Woo Commerce) then you need to check to make sure that they have updated things their end or if there is something that needs doing your end.

What about WP eStore?

For those of us who use this great plugin – we don’t need to do a thing! Here is a thread I found on their website:

“You have nothing to worry about really. If anything is impacted due to some changes made by PayPal, we will have a new release ready for our plugin.

We are an official PayPal partner. So we will always have a proper and working PayPal integration.”

Great news!

If your current provider is not an official PayPal partner then I would seriously recommend changing to one that is such as WP eStore.

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