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forum marketingDiscover How To Build Your List And Your Online Credibility

A great place to build your business – if you do it the right way!

Did you know that using forums for marketing your business is a fantastic place for driving targeted traffic to build your list?

Are you using forum marketing?

Perhaps you have thought about it but don’t really know where to start?

Or maybe you are doing what you think is forum marketing but not seeing results?

Does it frustrate you when you see others claiming that forums are great for marketing and yet however hard you try you never get to see those results?

Do you wish you were seen as the expert on forums in your niche?

Does it bother you that you are missing out on a huge opportunity to build your list?

Well, I have produced 3 hours of audio training – a complete A to Z on how to get the most out of forum marketing just for you.

To use forums effectively you have to become established as an expert and it’s really easy to do – but like so many things there is a right way and a wrong way!

Do It Wrong And You Could Get Banned!

Unfortunately some marketers have given the rest of us a bad name. They have used forums to spam their offers and post spammy comments just to get their post count up.

Therefore people on forums are more cautious and suspicious if they detect any form of selling going on.

But the truth is:

Online Forums Are Full Of Hungry Buyers – Your Customers!

Forums are exactly where your target market hangs out – you can’t get more targeted!

And forums are full of people that want what you have to offer – your customers all in one place!

Potential customers who are so passionate about your niche that they will buy whatever they need – again and again – whatever it takes to achieve results!

People who are desperate to learn more and more about their passion.

People searching for information, wanting information, willing to buy information – can it get any better?

Imagine if you knew exactly how to use that kind of targeted traffic source?

Imagine being perceived as THE expert to go to on a forum in your niche….

How would it feel if you had people asking for your help?

How would it feel if your name was recognised by everyone on the forum as the person of authority in your niche?

Not only that, but how would it feel to know that every new person joining the forum would immediately know you are the expert and start following your posts and join your list?

And how would it feel to spend time posting on a forum knowing that people are hanging on your every word?

How would it feel to never have to try to sell anything to anyone because people WANT what you have to offer?

Would it make a difference to your overall business? To your confidence levels?

So, how can YOU start marketing yourself the right way and make huge profits from forum marketing?

Well, this is exactly what I teach in my A to Z  training program.

Would it help if you knew exactly what to do – step by step how to market YOU, build your list, maximise your profits, develop relationships, find joint venture partners, get plenty of ideas for products that people are hungry for and more!

This Is What You Will Discover

  • Exactly Why Forums Are Great For Marketing
  • What You Need In Place Before Starting Forum Marketing – Without These Things You Are Wasting Your Time
  • Where To Find Relevant Forums Suitable For Marketing Both YOU and Your Business
  • How To Create An Effective Signature That Works For You
  • What Free Gift You Should Promote & What To Do To Improve It – So You Get Even More Sign Ups
  • Establishing Yourself As The Expert – My Easy Step By Step Plan Of Action
  • The Best Posts To Comment On For Maximum Traffic And Visibility
  • Starting A New Thread As The Expert
  • Scaling Things Up And Optimising Your Results With Tracking – Guaranteeing Your Results
  • Other Ways To Build Your List On Forums And Boost Profits
  • How To Use Discussions For Ideas On Products To Create That You Know Will Sell
  • Who You Should Be Building Relationships With And How To Go About It – This Will Really Boost Your Profits
  • How To Make Contact With Other Marketers For Joint Ventures And Partnerships

and more…..

And, because I’m determined for you to succeed I’ve added my fantastic resource materials…

My Special Bonus Material!

bonus 1

workbook coverTo really help you understand my training I have created a forum marketing topic learning workbook for you to use as you listen to my training. Inside your workbook you will find all the key learning points as well as extra advice and tips.

You will be able to take your own notes and add them at the appropriate place in your workbook.

As you go through the training I have added crucial steps that you need to understand and complete and you will see these sections throughout your workbook.

This workbook will really empower you to move towards becoming an expert on any forum in your niche.

Every step is broken down into simple instructions and you will see at a glance what you need to do or work on. It makes forum marketing a really easy process!

bonus 2

check sheetI want you to know exactly what you need to do and for you to know exactly what stage you are at – at a glance. Seeing your own progress will really help you to stay motivated and succeed.

My check sheet will take you through everything step by step so that you complete every task in the correct order.

And every tick represents another step closer to your ultimate goal of building your own business, using forum marketing!

bonus 3


Some times seeing things can help to cement what needs to be done in your mind. This visual roadmap will enable you to see your whole project at a glance.

Print it out and stick it on your wall so that you can see just how far you’ve come in such a short time.

Stay motivated by the sight of your progress and you’ll soon complete each step far quicker than you thought possible.


I am going to literally take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know to really grow your business with forum marketing

Would You Like To Start Building Your Reputation As An Expert On Popular Forums In Your Niche?

When someone needs help who do they go to?

Someone who is the expert!

Someone helpful!

Someone who demonstrates their knowledge.

That someone could be YOU!

Just imagine how it would feel if you were the ‘go to’ person on the forum. You are the expert, and you feel so empowered and confident. You are thinking  “this is great, I am able to help others and make money while doing it”.

And if you follow my step by step training, you could be that expert on all of the forums in your niche!

What would it be worth to you to learn exactly how to generate huge volumes of high quality traffic from forums in your niche?

Maybe $97?, $197? or even $297?

OK, so what is my program worth?

Well let’s see…what are you going to accomplish by using my Forum Marketing A to Z training program?

If you take action that is…

So if you take this on…this is what you can expect to accomplish in the next 3 months:

  • You will establish yourself as the ‘go to’ expert on any forum in your niche (that you implement my training in)
  • You will have targeted buyers looking to YOU to help them
  • You will have huge visibility to people passionate about your niche
  • You will know exactly what these hungry buyers want and be able to sell it to them
  • You will build your list on autopilot with potential customers
  • You will develop valuable relationships with other experts in your niche – you never know when they will come in handy…

Now, what is that worth to you?

If you were able to accomplish this, what would that really mean for you?

How would that make you feel?

And I am going to personally assist you in achieving all of this…and more….

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Either you need it or you don’t.

Either you want it or you don’t!

But if you want a competitive edge, instant credibility and start establishing yourself as the expert….

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