Here are some videos that teach you about building your online information business using my A.C.T.I.O.N Plan. The strategy map I use in the videos is the one you will receive together with my free ebook when you sign up to my list.

Awareness – choosing a niche, building your brand

Communication – driving traffic, email campaigns

Troubleshooter – finding out peoples needs

Innovation – creating products

Offer – promoting your solution to the need

Numbers – testing and tracking


Choosing a niche, building a brand and making people aware is the very first step. If you choose the wrong niche then you may never see success. There must be demand and buyers in the niche you choose.


Now we look at communicating and building relationship with prospects and customers. This is what marketing is all about – focus on the customer and what they need and build the level of trust and credibility required for your prospects to purchase your products.


This is about getting ideas for your products. This will be based on what people are looking for and then creating an information product to solve that need. This must be an ongoing process for any online business.


Once you know what people need and want you can go ahead and create it. It doesn’t need to be difficult. If you have the answer, the knowledge then all you need to do is package that up into a product.


Once you have created your product you can then offer it as the solution to a specific problem. This can be done within your email campaign or on your website.


Although last, this is the most important part of your business if you are going to optimize the results you see for your time and effort. Most people don’t bother with this step and as a consequence they are unable to create a guaranteed income. One that is tested and you know will produce the same results again and again.