Affiliate Commission
An amount (usually percentage) of money that you receive for recommending someone else’s product or service. You will need a specific website link (affiliate link) so that the owner can track who purchased something due to your recommendation.

Article Directory
This is a website where people can submit articles for marketing purposes. Visitors are free to read them and use them provided certain rules are adhered to. Many of these sites are now obsolete in terms of marketing effectiveness. The best and No.1 article directory is still

Article Marketing
A method of marketing your business by writing articles and submitting them on the internet. This can be on an article directory site or any other website including your own.

This is an account that marketers use to enable them to communicate to subscribers by email. Emails can be scheduled to go out to people at specific time intervals on auto pilot.

A name, symbol, logo or design (or all of them) that is used to define and identify your unique business service and products from your competition.

Brand Identity
Your customer perception of your brand compared to your competitions brand.

Competitive Advantage
Something about your business that is seen or perceived as more favorable or better than your competitor.

Content Marketing
Adding content on the internet to market your business. The content can be a various formats: audio (podcasting), written (articles, blog posts, PDF, etc), videos, power point slides, presentations, webinars, infographics, etc.

Customer Demand
Popular products or services that lots of people continually want in a variety of ways.

Digital Product
A product that can be download over the internet. Usually in the following formats: audio (mp3), video (mp4) or written (PDF).

Direct Marketing
Any method that involves giving your customers visibility to your service or products without any intermediate steps. (i.e. sending customers straight to your sales page).

Email Campaign
A series of (usually) pre written emails that have a specific end purpose in mind. The purpose is usually to prepare subscribers for a specific call to action to a sales page.

Email Marketing
A way to market your business and build relationships with prospects by sending valuable content by email.

Gross Margin
The difference between your total sales revenue and the total costs involved.

Hyper Link
A link that when clicked on takes the visitor to a specific web page. To most common way to create a hyper link is to use the html code:
<a href=””>Readable Words</a>

Information Marketing
A type of online business model that involves creating information or training products on specific in demand topics.

Information Product
A product that contains information about how to do something or achieve something.

List Building
A method of adding targeted prospects to an autoresponder email campaign in return for offering something valuable.

Specific group of individuals willing to pay money for specific products or services in a particular niche.

Actions that increase peoples awareness of your business and influence them positively regarding your products and services.

Marketing Plan
A document that details your business objectives with regard to gaining customers in a given time frame. This would include, marketing, strategy, tactics, traffic generation, etc.

Mission Statement
A statement that sums up the aims and purpose for your business and how that benefits your customers.

Opt in Form
A form on a web page that asks for a visitors name and address so that they can opt-in to your email campaign.

This stands for one time offer. It is usually used after someone has purchased something and then they are offered another purchase as a one time offer. In reality it is rarely offered just the one time.

Purchasing a service from an outside source to get a particular required task done.

A secure online payment processing platform. You can create a business account for free up to a certain income level.

A specific market – topic or category.

Target Market
A defined group of individuals that have common characteristics or needs in the market.

Target Marketing
Marketing your products or services to a specific group of individuals who are considered your ideal customers.

A form of direct marketing using the telephone. Many online marketers use this as an indirect way of marketing their business by offering a free consultation by phone.

Sales Page
A web page created with the purpose of selling a particular product or service. There will be a payment button.

Squeeze Page
A small and simple web page that has one purpose only – usually to build an email list. There is one action that someone can take and there are no distractions.

This is the name given to a specific code generated by an autoresponder that is added to a web page to create a functional form where people can leave their name and address to sign up to your email campaign.