Have You Got Stuck In Your Online Business?

frustrationHave you ever sat down to do something in your online business and for whatever reason by the end of the day you still haven’t achieved that thing? Then the next day comes and you still are not able to do that particular task. Days, weeks and months go by and you are still stuck on that one thing that you want to do in your business.

You Are Not Alone

Perhaps you are stuck trying to think of what free gift to offer? Maybe you just can’t work out how to add a video to your website? Or maybe you have been working on a product and you just can’t seem to finish it?
I think we all have days like this but if you are finding that months have gone by and you are still stuck and haven’t made any progress at all in your online business then you really need to make that decision to move on.

If it is a technical issue that you just can’t seem to learn then would it not be better to outsource the task and get it done and then use your time more effectively by driving traffic or building your list for example?

If it is a free gift and you just can’t work out what to offer, or a product that you just have got stuck on then take a step back and ask yourself “is it really important that I get it exactly right now?”

Action Beats Perfection

Think about this. If you make a decision and you finish your free gift or product and you then market it or use your free gift to build your list of subscribers – do you think that you will be further forward in your business in three months time with having something (maybe not the best) but something in place rather than having nothing at all and therefore guaranteeing zero progress?

It is so easy to think that you have to get things perfect the very first time and this can really slow down your progress and demotivate you and when you are in this frame of mind it becomes easy to get distracted and to believe that perhaps there is an easier way a quick way of making an income online.

action steps

Take The Challenge

I want to challenge you to think about an area that you might be stuck in in your business and take that step back and ask yourself is this really important – can I make a decision – do I need to outsource this? – and determine to move on within the next 24 hours.

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