How to deal with information overload

information overload

Have you noticed that there is so much information available online that sometimes you just don’t know which way to turn? You fill your head with so much information that you actually stop yourself from taking any action.

It’s crazy really that having too much information can actually end up being a bad thing because it stops you from taking that step by step progress because your mind is filled with step number 99!

I think of it a little bit like having a baby! When your baby is born you can only think about things that you need to do on a day-to-day basis. You take each step as it comes.

Suppose that your baby will was born and within a week was a teenager! Can you imagine the amount of information that you would need in order to go from baby to teenager in just a week!

You might want to fill your head with all the information you possibly need to know in order to go through that transaction as smoothly as you possibly could. But your head would be so full you wouldn’t know where to begin!

I’m so glad that it takes quite a few years of learning before having to deal with a teenager! 🙂

When you start an Internet business it can be tempting to fill your head with so much information that you go from setting up a website to learning absolutely everything you need to know about having a successful online business that you just don’t know which step to take next.

Any successful person will tell you that they built their success by taking little steps and going through in a step by step progression.

action steps

  1. Don’t be tempted to overload yourself with too much information. Just decide what needs to be done now, take that step and then move onto the next step.
  2. If the information that you are reading is not yet relevant to you then leave it – bookmark the site or keep that product on your computer somewhere and only look at it and implement it when you’re ready to take that step.
  3. Remember that learning is good but learning in itself doesn’t bring in the revenue – implementing what you learn does.

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