What Is Missing From Your Online Business?

complete online business

Are you making the progress you want to in your online business? Are you seeing the results you want? Is there something missing but you don’t even know what that is? In this article I am going to go through what you need in your online business so that you have the whole system in place.

What You Need For Your Online Business

There are specific things that you need to have in place in order for your business to function effectively. If any are missing then you won’t get the results you want to see.

With the exception of choosing a niche, the order in which you get these things in place is a matter of personal preference – I have my own thoughts on the best order based on my own experiences and of those I teach but at the end of the day it is up to you what order you implement them.

However, until they are all in place you won’t have a fully functioning online business.

Your Chosen Niche

You must chose a niche that is both profitable and in demand. There must be plenty of people already buying in this niche. I also believe that you should chose something that you already have skills in or are very interested in.


Because you need passion and drive in order to consistently take action in your business. You also need to become an expert in your niche – if you already have knowledge (personal experience) then you already have expert information to share with others.

Content Generation To Build Awareness

You need to have a method to attract targeted people to your website. Generating content is the best method for this.


Because when someone reads your content or watches your video or listens to your podcast, they find out more about you – the business owner. Marketing your business is about developing solid relationships with targeted people – people who need what you have!

You need a lot of content all over the internet. I don’t mean 3 articles and a couple of videos. You need to take massive action. It’s not going to work if you are half hearted about this. Remember that you are building a business here – not just making money online – a real business. Isn’t that what you want? A solid business providing a full time income?

Products (Solutions)

You need to have products to offer your targeted prospects.


If they come to you for help and you have nothing to offer what will happen? They will go to someone else, where they do get the help they need. Your products are the solutions to your prospects problems and difficulties. One product isn’t enough. You need multiple products in order to offer the best help you possibly can and to create repeat buyers.


You need to communicate regularly with your prospects.


Because people need to trust you and your products in order to buy from you. I prefer to use email marketing for this as I believe it provides an effective way to develop trusting relationships and enables me to interact personally and to help people who sign up to my list. If you aren’t spending time developing your customer relationships you won’t get the results you could – you are limiting yourself and your business.

So there you have it. The 4 things above need to be in place before your online business can work effectively and you can really start to see results consistently. If one is missing you don’t have a complete business.

finding a niche




  • Go through the 4 items above and decide what area you are lacking or missing altogether. Decide what you will do about it and create a plan of action to actually implement your plan. It will take time. It will take determination. But if you stick with it you will develop a real sustainable online business.

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