What’s the very best business plan for Internet Marketing?

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So many people ask the question “what is the best business plan for Internet marketing” they want to know the method or system that is the best and that works.

Well, there are many ‘systems’ that work for some people and not for others. I believe that you need to find the method that is going to work best for you. We are all different and have various skills and personalities that affect the way we do things.

Just because one way works for one person doesn’t mean that if you follow the exact same path as that other person you will see the exact same results.

For example, when I was taught to play the piano I was shown a specific way of learning – the exact same method as my brother. However, we play the piano very differently. Over time we developed our own style and techniques that worked best for us and fitted in with our specific skills and persona.

It’s the same with internet marketing. The concepts that a method or system might be based on are the same but the way those concepts are implemented with be different for each person.

So what are the basic concepts that you need to follow to be successful in Internet marketing?

The Typical Online Business Plan

  • Choose a profitable niche
  • Source or create a free gift to build a list
  • Drive traffic to a squeeze page
  • Communicate with your subscribers to build trust
  • Promote your products to solve needs
  • Create a coaching program to enable higher levels of success

So these concepts are what you should build your business plan on. They are proven to work.

However, how you go about implementing each concept needs to be tested by you so that you can find your best method or system.

action steps

Answer these questions:

  • What niche will be best for you?
  • What free gift will work with that niche?
  • How will you drive traffic?
  • How will you communicate with your list?
  • How will you create products?
  • What type of coaching program will work best for you?

Your lifestyle, commitments and personality will all affect how you implement and run your business.

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