Profiting With Information

Start Building Your Own Information Business – Learn To Maximize Your Profits Now

Are you confused by all the different ways that you can make money online and you just can’t figure out which are genuine and which ones are just hype?

You are not alone because I keep getting asked the same question “How does this make money online thing actually work? How does it all fit together?”.

There is so much information available to help you get started and decide what is going to work for you that it should in theory be getting easier not harder!

But that simply isn’t the case.

The more information you read the more confusing it becomes! And yet operating and creating an online business is actually really simple – much simpler than all the gurus would like you to think.

It really isn’t as hard as they would like you to think!

You see if you believe it is really complicated then you will think you need to buy lots and lots of stuff – memberships, continuity programs, affiliate programs promoting their stuff by the way!

Have you done that? Are you wasting your money?

You see if you purchase material and you don’t actually use it then is it worth anything to you?

For your online business to work you have to take it a step at a time. That’s what the gurus do and that’s what I do. Its not complicated you just need to follow the step by step process that works.

Of course there are things that you need to learn and understand, but once you know the basic concepts you just follow the process.

So what are the basic concepts?

  • You need to have something to sell (that people need)
  • You need to have a site to sell it on (your virtual shop)
  • You need to have a way to get people who don’t buy to get on your list (using a squeeze page)
  • You need to get people to your squeeze page (traffic – it’s the same as visitors)
  • You need to offer your product as the solution (so people buy)

Those are the basics.  And that is all you need.

But what about the other things like: source code, scripting, redirections, facebook, twitter, pinterest, social networking, backlinking, reciprocal linking, auto posting, spinning, surfing, push buttons, automatic traffic, free traffic, shiny object traffic… and it goes on and on doesn’t it?

Those are distractions you don’t need all that stuff.

OK, so some of it might be useful and you might want to find out about it some time but not yet – don’t let all that distract you!

If you use any of that – it has to go into your business AFTER the foundation

Without a foundation in place you have nothing to build on!

If you don’t have anything to sell then what point is there in having a blog? What’s the point in driving traffic?

You have to have the foundation in place first.

So you might be thinking – yes I know, but where do I get the foundation?

Well, let me explain.

I spent ages looking for the ‘system’ and the ‘process’ that would work. I learned lots but it still didn’t click into place.

I created websites, and I got traffic, I even made some small commissions!

But I had nothing to offer that traffic – nothing that was mine anyway and so I sent that traffic to another website to buy something.

Is that crazy or what?

Then I started putting all the pieces I had learned together and things started working.

I started documenting what I was doing. And I started making my own sales by offering the information I had learned to others because other people like you wanted to know how to do it too!

But you don’t want anymore information do you?

I only teach what you need to know and what works – no information overload

You see, you only need to know what works. You don’t need to know about all the other stuff.

So I have put together a concise training program with only the essentials in there. I’ve added recordings that really give you the foundation, step by step, exactly what to do and how to do it to start your own information business and to start making money with it quickly.

I am calling it my “Info Profits Program” – it’s all you know to know to get your info business started now – and to make it profitable.

There is nothing fancy just what you need, and only what you need, so you don’t have to listen through extra stuff.

Here’s what’s inside my “Info Profits Program”:

  • Step by step exactly how your info business should be structured to maximize profits

  • Step by step how to create a squeeze page that converts

  • Step by step how to create information products really easily!

  • How to get visitors to your squeeze page straight away

  • How to create a strong subscriber list that will buy from you

The key thing is that you provide information to people who WANT what you have.

And once you have completed the program you will have all of this in place in your information business:


What will that mean for you?

Well, first of all, it will mean you can stop trying to figure it all out on your own. You can stop your cycle of buying every new shiny object that comes out!

I am showing you everything you need to get started, every step of the process, and the exact correct order that each thing goes in the process in order for it to work.

You see, the thing is that one of the reasons you are not making the money you deserve online is that you don’t have the right products for sale to your market.

OR you don’t have the right traffic for the products you have.

OR you don’t have subscribers that trust you and will buy from you.

It could be any or all of those reasons for you.

But won’t it will feel great when you have got it all figured out?

And that’s exactly what my training will do for you – set it out for you, show you exactly how your info business should be, in simple, easy to understand training.

How will it feel to have finally figured it out, and to have finally got your own web business?

How would you feel if in 3 months from now you have your own ebook and a home study course to sale to your list?

How will it feel to have loyal subscribers on your list who buy from you again and again?

You will need to do the work…

But would it be worth it to start now, and be on the right path to making the money you deserve?

I know it would – it would feel wonderful to have a full time income coming from your online information business, wouldn’t it?

Then go ahead, get my training today, and start learning tonight!

But first what’s all this going to cost?

Well, I have made this very affordable.

I have used material from various coaching programs to give you the best concise teaching. I can’t put an actual value on them because I am not giving you any of the coaching programs in their entirety – only the parts you need to get your foundation in place, because I don’t want you to get distracted by any other steps.  This is exactly what you need, step by step, no fancy stuff.

I have included my bonus resource materials to make it even easier for you to take action:

Bonus Material!

bonus 1

workbook coverTo really help you understand my training I have created a topic learning workbook for you to use as you listen to my training. Inside your workbook you will find all the key learning points as well as extra advice and tips.

You will be able to take your own notes and add them at the appropriate place in your workbook.

I have added crucial steps that you need to understand and complete and you will see these box sections at the end of your workbook. Answer these questions and easily create your own plan of action.


bonus 2

check sheet

I want you to know exactly what you need to do and for you to know exactly what stage you are at – at a glance. Seeing your own progress will really help you to stay motivated and succeed.

My check sheet will take you through everything step by step so that you complete every task in the correct order.

And every tick represents another step closer to your ultimate goal of building your own information business, with your very own quality information products!


bonus 3


Some times seeing things visually can help to cement what needs to be done in your mind. My visual roadmap will enable you to see your whole project at a glance.

Print it out and stick it on your wall so that you can see just how far you’ve come in such a short time.

Stay motivated by the sight of your progress and you’ll soon complete each step far faster than you thought possible.


discount price deals

Discount Price Deal: $27

Offer Price: $37 Saving You: $10 (27%)

So if you need this to figure it all out once and for all, click the paypal link below and buy it today (by the way, its instantly downloadable, so you can start learning from me immediately if you buy it now):

Plus You’re Backed By My 100% Money-Back Guarantee



Perhaps you are frustrated because you didn’t achieve your online goals last year.

But now is the time to change that.

Get on board now for success this year, start creating your site and your product NOW so that you can make your first sale.

How would that feel?

How would it feel to make your first sale?

How will  it feel to  make your first $47 online?

How will it feel to make your first $197 online?

How will it feel for someone to write you an email that says “Thanks for helping me, I’m so glad I found your site and could download your ebook or home study course”.

You see, there are people out there right now who are looking for what you have, and you have it to give to them.  But right now they can’t buy it from you. They can’t learn from you.  Because you don’t have a website.

You don’t have a way for them to buy your wisdom.

You could be helping so many people right now – people who would gladly pay you for your ebooks, for your home study course, even for your coaching – but they cannot right now because you don’t have a website, you don’t have a sales page, you don’t have a way for them to buy from you.

And that’s not right.  Because you could be helping them right now.

So it is up to you.

Are you going to take action NOW and be able to start helping the people in your niche who really need you?  Or are you going to continue to bang your head against the wall, trying to figure it all out – and meanwhile the people who would become your clients are searching elsewhere, buying from someone else?

It is time for you to take action, build your own site and start selling your own products. Go ahead and get my step by step, easy to follow instructions now: